The best destinations are those that are little known

Cape Verde

Located only 570 km off the coasts of West Africa, in the wide blue of the Atlantic ocean Cape Verde is a ten island archipelago, that lives mostly from Tourism - the largest branch of economy for the archipelago - but one can still define as as a country pretty off the beaten track! So much off the beaten track that many people don’t even know where this little paradise is located on the world map!


The Island of Sal, which is home of Cabo Libre Beachcamps, is most known for its dry and warm climate as well as for its lovely beaches and its own speed of time. Our camp takes place in the south of the island of Sal, on the beach of Santa Maria  village. 

“No stress” and “Morabeza” are deeply embedded in the local culture and language [Kriol], and they are the often heard mottos of this lovely place. You will understand why, as soon as you arrive here. The pier of the fishing village of Santa Maria, next to our courts, feels is the center of village life. Locals gather here during the day, sell fish or relax after working hours watching, from sunrise to sunset, admiring the beauty of the landscape . Next to the pier, you have a beautiful beach in front of the Hotel Morabeza with many bars & restaurants. Perfect to try the tasty and cheap local cuisine or to catch the African vibe while having a drink at the kiosk Ola Brasil. 

Thanks to the brilliant location of the Cape Verde Archipelago, we regularly have 22-25 degrees during the cold European Winter months. A dry and calm climate creates perfect conditions for beach volleyball! Have a look at the weather forecast, and find more information through the following these links….