Our Team

Rainer Moll
Managing Director & Pioneer


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Moritz Klein

Head Coach


German Pro Player

5th German Championships

Morais Abreu

Pro Player & Coach

Angolan champion

2008 Olympian


Alicia Buss
 Social MEdia Manager & "Good FairY"


Niko Meyer
German Pro Player & Coach

German Championship
North-West German Champion

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More coaches announced soon.

How we train

Fun and Improvement. For Everybody.

How do we train? We know this is a crucial point. The quality of a camp falls or rises with its coaches!

So honestly put…

Throughout many years in different positions - as coaches and  camp participants - we had good and bad experiences with training. 

The thing is that you learn from both


Our experience has shown us that good training is not a standard, but with our explicit mindset we are proud to tell you today that we are offering you high quality coaching only.

With a team of professional coaches & players we mix it up and bring everything you look for in a good training!

Small, homogene groups, the right intensity, adjustment to level & conditions and of course the focus on individual improvement & fun for everybody! 

Are you ready? - We are excited to meet you on the court!



It all started In 2006 when our founder Rainer bought an apartment in Santa Maria, Sal. At this time he was looking for a great place with sun, beaches and especially good conditions for his passion: windsurfing.


Santa maria was love at first sight. Back then he discovered a beach volleyball net, right in the central beach area of Santa Maria. As a PE teacher and volleyball coach back in Germany, he started playing and coaching the local kids of Sal.

From that time on, Rainer tried to bring all the necessary tools

such as balls, nets, courtlines and so on and do so any time

he came to the island, which quickly became his 'second home'.

Several years later, he started coaching the indoor volleyball teams as well as the beach volleyball team that qualified for the national championships. At the same time, just a few years before he stopped teaching in Germany, the idea of creating beach volleyball camps in this beautiful place came to mind. He teamed up with Co Founder and head coach Moritz, a professional player from Germany, who supported him with his expertise to realize this dream!

Today we are happy to present Cabo Libre Beachcamps to all of you and even more happy that our beachcamps will take place in the same location Rainer first discovered that infamous beach volleyball net back in 2006. 

Sal, with its warm and sunny weather all-year-round, its beautiful beaches and wide number of activities on offer, presents the perfect environment for a beach camp that is NOT only about beach volleyball but also about the African vibe, the local community and discovering the magic this island has to offer too. 

We are all pretty sure that Cabo Libre Beachcamps will become something very special!