santa maria, Cape verde

16.10.2022 - 13.11.2022

Santa Maria Beach

Beachvolleyball in Paradise

Join us at our magical home in Santa Maria, on the south coast of the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Miles long beaches, crystal clear blue water & endless sun create - Paradise on earth.

Here we combine our favourite sport beach volleyball with spectacular side events, beautiful people and the African vibe of the local beach volleyball community. Creating a unique experience for you, that will last for a lifetime.

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 Cape Verde?! - Where is this?

The volcanic archipelago of Cabo Verde with its 9 inhabited islands is located about 600km from the West African mainland. The beautiful island group is divided into the Barlavento - Windward - group in the north, with the islands of Boa Vista, Santa Luzia, Santo Antão, São Nicolau, São Vicente, and our home island Sal and the Sotavento - Leeward - group with Santiago, Maio, Brava, and Fogo islands.

Cape Verde
16 South ||23 West


Every island is different and has its own unique beauty. Sal is mostly known for its warm and dry climate all year around, its wonderful beaches, the friendly and welcoming African community & the relaxed way of life, which you immediately adopt when you walk through the street of Santa Maria. 

This is why Sal is also widely known as the island of "No stress".


Here we put all our experience and expertise in years of beach volleyball coaching together. Small, homogeneous groups, professional coaches, and a focus on fun and improvement for everybody. Everything to create the best training experience for you.


We have 2 big tournaments waiting for you. Compete with players on different levels in different tournament systems and play against the local champions in Santa Maria, Sal.  

Win, Lose, learn, improve & enjoy!

Side Events

Kitesurfing, surfing, scuba diving & island tours are just a few of the side events. Join us at the beach in Santa Maria and find out about the different activities we prepared for you!

"I have played beach volleyball for many years in the Hague, along with world champions, European champions, and Olympic medallists, and I could not recommend a better beach than Santa Maria's, on Sal island. This is a unique location where beach volleyball merges with happiness, sun, great food, watersports, and a wonderful feeling of being adopted by the locals' friendliness.

Simply put, Santa Maria's beach is the perfect place to have it all together.” 

Josè Serra [JJ]


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